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DATA SCIENCE ERA is the top institute to learn data science courses in Nagpur. Now, what is data science? DATA SCIENCE is extracting information from raw, unstructured data and assembling it into a properly structured, actionable, readable, and understandable form. it is a multi-disciplinary field, where aspirants can learn through modern technologies to get insights from the data which can be structured or unstructured.

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The data science era is the fastest-growing EdTech company. We are with a network of award-winning data experts who are also the mentors of our programs. We have expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Data Analytics which are the most demanding jobs in the 21st century. We are also partnered with various Top B-Schools and EdTech companies in India to promote their online programs for working professionals.

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We are dedicated to our aspirants to give the best class knowledge to them and get them placed in reputed MNCs. Here we are not only sharing theoretical knowledge but also giving real-time practical knowledge with real-time projects.


python is a computer programming language used to build websites & software, automate tasks,& conduct data analysis.

R programming is a programming language widely used by data scientists & major corporates like Google & Facebook.

Data Analytics is uesd to apply statistical analysis on data to find trends and solve problems.

Tableau is a platform that allows you to prepare, analyze, collaborate,& share your big data insights.

It is a technical process that analyses large amount of scattered information to make sense of it & turn into knowledge.

Structured Query Language, is a domain-specific language used in programming and data mining.

It is a field of artificial inteligence defined as the capability of machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour.

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Data Science is a multi-disciplinary field, where aspirants from any area can learn and get the highest-paying job. Data Science is a field where we use scientific methods and algorithms to extract knowledge and insights from the data which can be structured or unstructured. Using AI and Machine Learning, aspirants can solve real-time business problems related to Data Science.

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A Master’s in Data Science is a concept similar to data mining and big data, using the most potent hardware and programming and statistical and algorithmic knowledge to solve real-time business problems. Aspirants from any field can learn and get the highest-paying job.


Data Analytics is a multi-disciplinary field, Understanding the data in depth and getting the patterns from it, and telling the story to the business is the crucial thing in this profile. With the latest technologies and skillsets, professionals are coming up with insights that help businesses increase their top and bottom-line profits. Aspirants from any field can learn and get the highest-paying job.

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You will learn all data science methods and tools. Best for beginners to start with DATA SCIENCE ERA. Very good classes and supportive teachers.
Pavan Upare
Best support by teachers and staff Highly recommended Best institute for DATA SCIENCE in Nagpur.
Abhijit joshi
Best institute for DATA SCIENCE in Nagpur Online practical classes And the teacher is highly experienced.
Ashish rahangdale
Career Assistance

Placement Assistance Team (PAT) The placements team will help you build the job-search skills you need. Throughout the program, we will provide you with all of the tools to become Job ready. We will get you ready to meet our 75 + potential recruiters and ensure you are marketable.

Project Portfolio, A portfolio is a way to back up all of the skills you’ve learned during the program and showcase your project work through your resume, GitHub, and LinkedIn account.

Resume Building, We will help you write a resume that will stand out in the crowd highlighting Machine Learning & Data Science skill set mapped to your previous professional experience.

One-to-One Mentorship, Our team of mentors is dedicated to helping you finish and succeed in the program. They will provide you with personalized mentorship with persistent support and accountability to help you learn efficiently.

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